Candidates Leaders Debate!!

Do you want to see Max in the National Debates?

David Johnston, Commissioner of the Leaders’ Debates Commission, released his preliminary decision and invited Justin Trudeau, Andrew Scheer, Jagmeet Singh, Elizabeth May, and Yves-François Blanchet to the two national debates — while excluding Maxime Bernier. And yet, the PPC is the only party offering policy solutions that are distinct from those of the other five parties. Not including Max is a disservice to Canadian voters.

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Local Success Stories


I was at Burning Kiln Wineries recently and had the chance to try some of their wines this past weekend. WOW.  I can see (well taste) why they have won so many awards / medals. Private businesses and entrepreneurs: Helping to drive Canada’s economic success. Haldimand and Norfolk have so many businesses that are working to unleash Canada’s economic potential. Our federal government should be doing everything it can to help them thrive and succeed locally, provincially and internationally!

Congrats Burning Kiln.

Burning Kiln Wineries

1709 Front Rd, St Williams, ON N0E 1P0


Facebook:   @BurningKilnWinery